Saturday, January 27, 2007

Opal Creek

January 2007:

During the cold weather of January, a group of us got together to give Opal Creek a try. I was a little skeptical that we could get to the put in given the snow and the possibilities of a very low water run. We made it to the take out pushing a little snow and discovered a nice first time level. This is when I discovered that I was the only one in the group that had done the run. We made it to the put in with about 10" of snow and 17 degrees F. It turned out to be an incredible run in an amazing canyon. I didn't get many pictures as ice would form on my camera within minutes.

Jim in his Jaguar on the road to the put in.

The guys loading up for the hike in.

The put-in.

Jim dropping into Big Ugly

Pete melts Big Ugly

The author getting back into the river after portaging Big Fluffy (Taken on a different Trip)

Headed home.

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