Thursday, September 28, 2000

South Sister Climb

With a family reunion scheduled for central Oregon and always looking to jam as much into our weekends as possible, Todd and I hatched a plan to climb South Sister. We would climb the third tallest peak in Oregon and then cruise into the reunion. With a little convincing, Dan was on board and the plan was set. We got up early and drove over to the trail head.

The plan was to drive over and hike in half way and camp. None of us had been in this area before and we hadn't done our homework. (Another lesson well learned) Consequently, we took the wrong trail and added several miles to the hike. We made camp near Moraine Lake.

Looking out across Wickiup Plain at South Sister

The next morning, we set out to summit South Sister and hike all the way out.

It was a cool climb. The last and steepest pitch begins at a small lake at the base of ridge that runs between the Lewis Glacier and the Clark Glacier.

At the time, the last pitch seemed exceedingly difficult, but looking back it really doesn't compare to some of the other climbs we've done.

Todd working his way up the last bit of the climb with Mt. Bachelor in the distance.

The summit provided some great views. This was our first significant climb and is the third highest peak in Oregon at 10,358'.

Todd and Dan at the summit with Middle Sister and North Sister the closest peaks.

Todd crouched on the rim overlooking the valley floor to the east.

The author taking in the view with Broken Top as a backdrop

After spending some considerable time on top, we headed down to the car.

Todd and Dan making the descent from the summit.

The return hike was great until about the last mile when we were attacked by mosquitos. This quickened our pace and provided another lesson. Bring bug spray.
Overall, it was a great hike and kept us away from the reunion where Todd and I knew very few of the relatives and Dan didn't know any.

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