Monday, March 5, 2007

McKay Falls aka Scotts Mills Falls

This falls is located on Butte Creek and is 15 minutes from my door. Consequently, I probably run this as much as anyone around. The falls is a double drop, first sliding down 8' and then into a 15' vertical falls. I have ran this at various levels short of flood when large trees were moving down the creek. This falls is in both Testing The Waters and the 2007 Kayak Preview.

The falls is located in the town of Scotts Mills at the site of the historic McKay Gristmill. (The mill is no longer in existence)

The author running the falls

This a composite shot that Alex was able to get of me running the falls. Unfortunately, I didn't have the best line in the world and just about got blown out of my boat.

Another day, another run over the falls

Not today. The falls at flood.

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