Sunday, March 25, 2007

Molalla River: Copper Creek Fork

I was able to get out on the Copper Creek Fork of the Molalla River yesterday. The shot of rain we received had kicked the level up. The Molalla at Feyrer Park was 4.3'. I've done the run before, but when it was big and brown and I was in a play boat. This would be a much easier float.

We put in just below the Copper Creek confluence as neither of us were really excited about the first rapid. I didn't get many pictures as we boat scouted almost everything. I did get a few at Lightning Lonnie. This is the easy class four ledge drop on the run.

Scouting Lightning Lonnie

TJ goes for the boof

It was a nice easy float with no serious wood problems. However, this run does collect wood so always be looking.

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