Friday, December 1, 2006

Truck vs. Tree; We'll Call It a Draw

Well, sometimes things just happen. This time I had the unfortunate opportunity to tangle with a tree.

Heading home on a rainy winter night after work, I came around a corner to find a tree completely across the road. In the seconds I had to react, I chose to take on the top rather than the bottom. While I didn't break through, it probably saved my life. The tree had pierced through the windshield and past my head. The truck spun around the end of the tree, shearing off branches as I continued 30' down it's length before I stopped. It all happened so fast. I don't remember the air bag, I don't remember a hard impact. What I do remember though is realizing that I wasn't going to clear the top of the tree and so I ducked just before I hit. That was the second move that kept me alive. I took a branch across the top of my head that, sitting up, could easily have gone into and even through my head. I ended up a with a full-thickness laceration on the top of my head, glass all over and some minor burns from being so close to the air bag. Otherwise, I walked away. No neck pain, no serious injuries. Looking at the truck, I'm still not totally sure why I'm still here. I guess there is a plan for me that I don't completely understand yet. In any case I'm still here, loving life more than ever. Oh, and in case the pictures don't do it, please slow down. Driving is most likely the most dangerous thing we do.

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