Monday, January 28, 2008

TR: Canyon Creek, WA.

With the local rivers running low because of the lack of rain and a low snow level, boating options have been limited. The decision was to do a low water run down Canyon Creek, WA. It's always been a fun run and given we had a relatively new boater coming along it seemed like a good fit. It turned out to be a beautiful day and a great run. (For those of you familiar with the run, the creek was running about 12" below the unit.)

Alex runs Prelude to Thrasher without a problem

Dropping into Thrasher

Markus throwing down at Thrasher
Big Kahuna was a lot of fun. This was going to be Markus's largest falls, 18' to 20' depending on flow, and the rest of us were interested to see how he would do. He cleaned it without any trouble. Great run Markus.

Alex showing us how it's done

Markus dropping in.
Markus at Champagne and Hammering Spot, a couple of 12' falls back to back.
Alex at Hammering Spot


Anonymous said...

Nice boating with you, Ryan. Some nice shots of me "sitting safety" at Terminator in your post. :)


Ryan Morgan said...

My freaking camera kept shutting off on your runs, it was too damn cold! We'll get you next time.