Friday, April 11, 2008

TR: Rafting the Green Truss

Will and Nick on Little Brother

So Will Volpert gave me a call saying he was going to be in the Portland area and he wanted to go rafting and that Andrew, Kyle and Dan would be joining us. The initial plan was to head to the Upper Wind, but low water killed that idea. After some thought and a few emails we decided to give the Green Truss run on the White Salmon River a shot. The only problem was that we were one person short to make two R2 rafts as Dan and I were going to kayak the run. This left Will without a paddling partner. Apparently the guys from Idaho, Andrew and Kyle, said they would find someone for Will to paddle with. We met up at 9:00 AM at BZ to allow plenty of time to get down the river. After a fairly easy put-in given the terrain we were on our way. The run went surprisingly smooth. We had a couple interesting moments, one at Bob's Falls and again at Little Brother when Kyle and Andrew knocked heads before Andrew was ejected from the raft. Overall it was a fantastic day on the river. Outside of Big Brother and BZ Falls it seemed like a very reasonable raft run. We ended up running everything except BZ as nobody in our group felt up to it. We had roughly 2.5' at Husum and the springs didn't seem to be kicking a lot so most of the flow was still coming off the top.

Here is the video I was able to get of our run:

Here are the pictures from the trip, thanks Will and Dan.

Ryan and Dan scouting Bob's Falls
Bob's Falls
Hitting the line at Big Brother
The group below Double Drop
Upper Zigzag
The Team

Here is a link to Will's Trip Report
Green Truss Section of the White Salmon Trip Report

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Dan Thurber said...

Now Ryan, I know you've been boating since the Truss. Was nothing worth blogging about??? I think your blog needs a post about the Middle Feather next weekend. Think about it. And think very seriously about getting a Hero. It's definitely high volume, but my boat has been killing it with big easy boofs and great big water handling. Don't get orange though, or ours will match a little too much