Saturday, June 2, 2007

Family Falls

Today we set out to get a second look at Family Falls. This is a series of waterfalls discovered by Maynard Drawson. Following his writings about his discovery, we set out to retrace his footsteps a couple years ago. The trip was great, but we failed to get many good pictures. So, after waiting far too long, we finally got back on the trail and revisited Family Falls.

The falls were named after Maynard's children and his friend, Jerry Morey, that had joined him on the adventure totaling 8 falls in all. There is no trail beyond the first falls and requires some thinking to ascend to the next falls in the series. (Rather than trying to describe this waterfall wonderland in great detail I would direct you to Maynard's description of his discovery)

The first falls of the trip is Henline Falls dropping 90'. There is also a mine shaft to the right of the falls. On our first trip we explored the mine shaft to its end.

Henline Falls

After some steep and loose scrambling, we reached the top of Henline Falls and proceeded to Jerry Falls. Henline and Jerry falls are the farthest apart of all the falls. Jerry Falls stands at 79' and is named after the man that had joined Maynard on the trip.

Jerry Falls

Above Jerry Falls is my favorite series of falls of the trip. Mark falls is the first waterfall with Dan falls above it in the distance. It's one of the best waterfalls I have seen. Mark Falls is 29' while Dan Falls is 58' tall.

Mark Falls with Dan Falls behind

Dan Falls

Beyond Dan Falls, we climbed on to Ron and Dave Falls. Ron Falls is perhaps the most interesting of the group. To ascend above Ron Falls to the base of Dave Falls requires passing through what Maynard's children affectionately referred to as Maynard's Cave. This can be a challenge to find and other groups have been unsuccessful in their attempts. After some careful review of Maynard's writings and searching the area, we finally stumbled onto it on our first trip. However, we did not get any pictures.

Ron Falls with Dave Falls in the distance

Ron Falls 37'

Dan after coming through Maynard's Cave

Dave Falls 40'

After Dave falls the creek mellows out briefly as you work your way to Deanna's Slide. Deanna's Slide is a sloping 12' falls.

Scotty taking a look at Deanna's Slide

Above Deanna's Slide is Jackie Falls is Jackie Falls. This falls drops 23' through a narrow crack in the cliff. Being a little adventurous, we chose to climb the falls to the base of Steve Falls.

Jackie Falls

The author on a previous trip climbing Jackie Falls

Todd makes his way with Dan and Scotty looking on

Steve Falls is the last of the Family Falls standing at 55'.

After Steve Falls is a tough climb back up to a trail that leads back to the car. I also spotted some Spotted Coralroot along the trail on the way back.

It was a great trip. The lighting wasn't that great for pictures, but at least now we have some.

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Tony said...

Cool falls - is this a low flow and do they become runnable at higher flows? Have they been ran? Thanks, T