Thursday, June 28, 2007

Table Rock Wilderness

This week afforded me the opportunity to take some kids into the Table Rock Wilderness. We had been working on a SOLV site all week removing Himalayan Blackberry and English Ivy and were in need of a break. We typically schedule educational days into our work schedule and this was a perfect time to head into the Table Rock Wilderness. We had a great hike and the flowers were amazing. I managed to grab a few shots during the trip of some of the flowers we encountered. Enjoy.

Calochortus subalpinus
(Subalpine mariposa lily, Uncommon)

Corallorrhiza mertensiana
(Western coralroot or Merten's coralroot, Uncommon)

Polemonium carneum
(Salmon polemonium, Royal polemonium, or Great Jacob's ladder, Locally common)

Eupeodes lapponica
(Flower fly, Common)

Pterospora andromedea
(Pine-drops, Common)

Bombus vosnesenskii
(Yellow-faced bumble bee, Common)

Corallorrhiza maculata
(Spotted coralroot, Locally common)


Polygonum bistortoides
(Western bistort or American bistort, Common)
Cosmosalia chrysocoma
(Yellow velvet long-horned beetle, Common)

Pedicularis contorta
(Coiled-beak lousewort, Uncommon)

Allotropa virgata
(Sugarstick or Candystick, Locally common)

Xerophyllum tenax
(Bear grass, Common)

Headed back.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I am really interested in doing that hike and I was wondering if you could post some directions.