Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Climbing Mt. Adams

Again, Dan, Todd and I got together for another trip. This time we set our sights on Mt. Adams. We got the necessary gear, crampons, ice ax, etc. and headed for the mountain. From Trout Springs campground, we headed up to the lunch counter for our first nights camp at 9,000'.

Todd and Dan at the trailhead

Headed up the trail

We finally hit snow

Getting close to our camp

Lunch Counter and Camp at 9000'

The next morning we got up before sunrise and headed for the summit.

Todd and I ready for the climb

Looking back towards camp

Todd on the way up. Yes it really is that steep. See that ditch on the right, that was our way down.

Now, this climb is a little deceiving as it contains a false summit.

Dan just about to the false summit

Todd in good spirits with the true summit still to go

Looking back on the false summit

The last pitch

It was long, steep and tiring, but well worth the effort. We had great views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood.

Todd with Mt. Rainier

The Author with Mt. St. Helens

Todd and Mt. Hood

Todd and I at the summit

Coming down presented us with two options; slowly hike down or glissade/slide back down to our camp. We chose the more exciting of the two. What a ride. It was all any of us could do to keep control even with using our ice ax to partially slow us down. We covered what had taken us two hours to climb in 30 minutes. Too much fun.

Todd makes it to the bottom

Dan glad to be done with a scary ride

The hike out was fairly easy and the drive home reasonably short. It was a great trip and one I will do again soon.

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